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If you are new to aging and rejuvenation research, start here.

Aging and Longevity for Beginners

If you are new to aging research and life extension then you have come to the right place. We have created a series of introductionary articles to help get you started.

  • Is Aging Inevitable?

    Is Aging Inevitable?

    Many people dread the thought of getting old, not because having more miles on the clock is something to be ashamed of, […]
  • What is Aging? The Nine Reasons We Age

    What is Aging? The Nine Reasons We Age

    It’s strange how much people talk about aging but do so without really understanding what it is. Aches and pains, loss of energy, and a decline of […]
  • What Life Extension Is and What it Isn’t

    What Life Extension Is and What it Isn’t

    People call it life extension, rejuvenation, anti-aging, age-reversal, longevity research, geroscience, rejuvenation biotechnology, and even biomedical gerontology, but what exactly is it? […]

Once you are a bit more familiar with this exciting new field you may wish to explore our knowledge hubs. We have created a series of hubs focused on lifestyle,Β supplements,Β biology of aging,Β finance and blockchain, andΒ advocacy. These hubs are packed with educational articles to help you make informed choices about your health and financial future.

Lifestyle Hub Box
Learn about diet, exercise and nutrition for longevity.
Supplements Hub Box
We explore the world of dietary supplements in the context of longevity.
Biology of Aging Hub Box
Learn about cells, tissues, organs and medical technologies.
Finance and Blockchain Hub Box
Articles about finance and blockchain in the context of aging research.
Longevity Advocacy Hub Box
We explore some of the benefits and concerns about life extension here.
The Rejuvenation Roadmap Box
Find out how soon science might defeat aging with our curated research database.

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