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Life Noggin – Keep on Thinking

Life Noggin is an animated pop-sci show that answers questions related to human life, science, planet Earth, and the universe. An animated block figure hosts the show and gives scientific-based explanations that include colorful visuals. Viewers can expect a wide range of scientific and fun topics from the channel.

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In late 2021 took ownership of this popular Youtube channel and brought it into its family of projects. We believe that we can educate the public about science and do it in a fun way. Life Noggin is the perfect way to get people excited about science and that can include the science of life extension and aging research too.

The show is directed and voiced by Pat Graziosi and he had this to say about Life Noggin joining the family.

I’m thrilled that Life Noggin has found a new home in Lifespan. We finally have access to a team that’s dedicated to science and technology and understands the importance of educational content online. This collaboration is going to allow Life Noggin to make even more videos, videos that we’ve always wanted to make but didn’t have the bandwidth for. I’m looking forward to a new year of exciting projects!

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