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The Longevity Literacy Project is an initiative that allows companies and organizations to support our newsmaking and educational activities and help the drive to end age-related diseases. Supporting companies have a particular focus in one area related to the field, such as biomarkers, finance and cryptocurrency, or investment, and they sponsor the creation of content about their chosen areas of interest. Articles that are part of the Longevity Literacy Project are marked with the project banner and their company logo.

Supporting aging research news and education

We would like to thank the companies who have supported us through the Longevity Literacy Project and are helping us to do more to engage with the public, policymakers, and researchers about the potential of rejuvenation biotechnology. If you are interested in joining the Longevity Literacy Project and supporting quality news making and education, please contact us.

  • Gitcoin Launches Crypto Funding Round for Longevity

    Gitcoin Launches Crypto Funding Round for Longevity

    Gitcoin is a platform dedicated to supporting the development of open-source Web3 software – decentralized architecture based upon blockchain technology – and the funding of  “public goods” projects […]