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Rapamycin Longevity Trial with Dr. Brad Stanfield

Will Rapamycin improve muscle performance in older adults, resulting in less of our lives spent in rest homes, and more time out doing the activities that we want to do?

Dr. Brad Stanfield has designed a clinical trial to explore the effects of rapamycin on aging and joined forces with to fund the study. If you would like to support this clinical trial happening, please feel free to donate to the project.


Fiscal sponsorship for longevity research is fiscally Sponsoring the project, collecting donations, and overseeing that the funds are properly spent. It is a means by which our 501(c)(3) organization can support projects that align with our nonprofit mission, regardless of whether they are run by non-profit or for-profit entities.Β Working with a fiscal sponsor enables an organization that does notΒ itselfΒ qualify as tax-exempt to attract funding for its project that will, through the fiscal sponsor, be potentially tax-deductible to donors.

In this case it means that we can support Dr. Stanfield and help him to get his clinical trial funded and start collecting valuable data about the impact of rapamycin on human longevity.

Rapamycin study design

To learn more, check out the full study design below.

If you prefer, you can also read the original source for the study design.