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Back Information for Journalists is where the future of aging and rejuvenation research lives. It is an essential source for information about the ever-evolving world of medicine focused on targeting the aging processes to prevent or reverse the diseases of aging.

Our work highlights how technology and medical science are changing how we think about and treat aging and the diseases it brings. A world free from the burden and suffering of age-related diseases could change our society in many ways. As breakthroughs and innovations are made, we are here to keep people informed of what is happening, raise funds for research, and foster collaboration within our emerging industry.

We promote the advancement of medical technologies which will increase healthy human longevity. By sponsoring, democratizing and funding aging research, combined with responsible journalism, we aim to accelerate this important goal for all humankind.

The Lifespan Extension Advocacy Foundation (LEAF) is a US-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in 2014 and is headquartered in New York City. We operate under the brand name.

We are an international team of journalists, scientists, content creators, and other industry experts. Our goal is to promote aging research and healthy human longevity through the development of medical technologies that target the aging processes directly. has lots of social media reach

We publish news stories and educational articles, and we host conferences and events to bring researchers and the public together each year. We also run aging research crowdfunding campaigns as well as engage with policymakers and the general public. You can learn more about how we are making that happen on our what we do page.

We have a commitment to responsible journalism and have created an ethics code that we hold ourselves to. Our journalism tries to remain factual and fair in nature and avoids sensationalism and hype. And because we are a nonprofit news outlet, it means we are free from commercial and governmental influence.

Keith Comito - President

Keith Comito is the President and co-founder of He is a computer programmer and mathematician whose work brings together a variety of disciplines to provoke thought and promote social change. He has created bioinformatics programs, musical applications, biotechnology projects featured in Forbes and NPR, and video games. In addition to developing high-profile mobile applications such as HBO Now, MLB At Bat, and most recently Disney+.

Keith is a big part of a number of Web3 innovations to raise funds and awareness for research on aging and longevity. This includes creating a massive-scale metaversal game to raise hundreds of millions for agins research, organizing the first-of-its-kind decentralized clinical trial for digital therapies targeting dementia, and pioneering new forms of perpetual and NFT-based fundraising for public goods.

Stephanie Dainow is Executive Director at and is a Business Mentor to UC Davis’ Venture Catalyst and SOSV’s IndieBio venture fund and accelerator, consulting deep tech startup founders on business development and strategy, fundraising, and executive leadership. Her early career spanned media and celebrity marketing which has given her great experience and insights into public engagement and promoting causes.

Previously, Stephanie was with Singularity University in Silicon Valley, working across its Innovation Consultancy, Tech Think Tank, University for the Future, and Impact-based Startup Incubator. She’s worked for a global management consultancy as a Life Sciences Business Manager and served as Account Director for BioMarin Pharmaceutical.

At, Stephanie has been intrumental in guiding our business development, creating strategic partnerships with allied organizations, and helping to foster cooperation between the various players in the aging and longevity research sector. She is well positioned as a thought leader and advocate for emerging and converging tech that will change the world and is actively helping to amplify the voices of scientists.

Stephanie Dainow - Executive Director

The best place to find out what our organization has been doing recently is to check out our latest editorial.

These articles are filled with stories about what we have been doing to drive progress in aging research forward.

  • How Your Funding Has Helped Mitochondrial Research

    How Your Funding Has Helped Mitochondrial Research

    Financed by’s crowdfunding efforts, SENS Research Foundation has engaged in fruitful research into ways of dealing with mitochondrial dysfunction, the gradual loss of function of our cells’ power plants. Here, the organization reports its […]
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