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Thank you for your interest in helping us support research to end age-related disease. On this page you can find information on how to help the Lifespan Extension Advocacy Foundation directly through donations, getting involved personally, or participating in affiliate programs that support us.

Lifespan PatronBy supporting us with monthly donations, you become a Lifespan Hero, powering the development of and improving our ability to advance longevity-focused biomedical research. Heroes will be honored on our wall of fame, and we will also be able to offer exciting features to our entire community as key thresholds are reached.
PayPal or Debit / Credit Card
You can donate to us with PayPal via PayPal Donation, Venmo, or our official charity page, and with a credit or debit card by clicking the Donate Now button below. If you would like a tax receipt for your donation, please email your name and the amount of your donation to [email protected]

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Donor-Advised Fund
If you work with a donor-advised fund, you can recommend a contribution to LEAF via DAFDirect
You can donate to us via Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, USDC, etc. via Coinbase here: Donate with BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, USDC, etc. or by scanning our QR codes here. If you would like a tax receipt for your donation, please email your name and the amount of your donation to [email protected]
You can donate via mail by sending your check to: Lifespan Extension Advocacy Foundation 3805 Estella St., Seaford, NY 11783, USA.
Stock Donations
Please provide the following information to your broker in order to make a stock transfer:
Merrill Lynch  DTC 8862
Account #: 857-03764   EIN #: 46-5328762
Name: Lifespan Extension Advocacy Foundation
Broker Contact: Dinoe Wilson: 212-236-5895 | [email protected]
Many prominent companies offer matching donations for employees who contribute to LEAF. This is a great way to support us at no additional cost, so if you have generously contributed to us we welcome you to check with your employeer to see if they match donations to LEAF (Tax EIN#: 46-5328762).
Active people willing to lend a hand are most welcome in our fight to end age-related disease. Please fill out our volunteer form if you'd like to be involved directly. You don't need to be a scientist to foster progress, and, in particular, we would love to hear from specialists in the following areas:

• IT and Web Development: PHP, SQL, etc.

•Writers - If you have experience writing articles you can pitch to us here.

•Social media managers


•Graphic artists

•Policy and regulatory experts

Even if you can't help us directly yourself, you may know a friend or organization who can. The diseases of aging affect every person on earth, so we're certainly happy to make friends - please feel free to share any of the contents on this site, our educational materials, or the invite link to our newsletter.
HAVE YOUR AMAZON, EBAY, AND HUMBLE BUNDLE PURCHASES SUPPORT US will donate 0.5% of your purchases to LEAF through AmazonSmile:
Donate to LEAF
This is a great way to support us without any extra cost to you, so please set us as your AmazonSmile charity and support our work.
eBay allows a portion of your purchases and sales to be donated to LEAF through its eBay For Charity program. Please set us as your favorite eBay Charity to support our work.
Humble Bundle allows a portion of your video game purchases to be donated to LEAF through its charity partner program. Please set us as your set us as your Humble charity to support our work.
You can support just by browsing with the Tabs for Life Chrome plugin, opens up a latest news page on when you open a new tab. In addition to helping you stay informed on this exciting field, revenue from banner ads on this page will support the 501c3 charity organization LEAF, which raises funds and awareness for research aimed at extending human lifespan.
Please connect with us on social media, like and share our content, and help us build grass-roots support for healthy life extension: YouTube Facebook Twitter Instagram Instagram Discord
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