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Job Opportunities

Come and Work for is a non-profit organization that promotes medical research on aging and longevity and educates the public about the potential of medical innovations that target the root mechanisms of aging in order to extend the healthy period of life. currently has the following job opportunities within our organization. If you are interested in applying for a position, please contact us and include a copy of your resume using this email.

Event Manager

We are currently looking for a professional Event Manager to organize and run several types of events, such as our annual scientific conference, donor appreciation events, Journal Club, webinars, and panel discussions. It is a part-time position with the potential to become full-time. By organizing our events, the Event Manager contributes to the company’s efforts to support research on aging by nurturing scientific communication and helps to build a grassroots movement to advocate for rejuvenation biotechnology.

Essential responsibilities

  • Working with the outreach coordinator to develop an annual plan of events, budget, and relevant tasks for the marketing department
  • Inviting speakers in accordance with the program goals
  • Coordinating the preparation of pre-recorded video content (online events)
  • Researching and selecting a venue (offline) or a partner virtual platform (online) along with negotiating deals with suppliers and contractors
  • Promoting events on social media to ensure ticket sales and high attendance
  • Preparing sponsorship offers and reaching out to potential sponsors and partners to ensure their support
  • Setting up online events on a virtual platform, setting up integrations, and coordinating the participants
  • Ensuring compliance with health and safety rules of the venue (for offline events)
  • Inviting journalists
  • Coordinating all operations on event days, including resolution of any issues and scheduling collisions
  • Coordinating video editing and publishing of the recordings
  • Organizing surveys and post-conference analysis of results

Qualities of a good candidate

  • Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations, Communications, or Hospitality or equivalent experience
  • Event management experience for over 3 years with demonstrable success in running large events (over 100 participants per event)
  • Good negotiation skills, leadership, and adaptability
  • Excellent communication, marketing, and sales skills
  • Ability to multitask
  • Good time management
  • US resident

Compensation: $1500 per month for ~25 hours per week