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Come and Work for is a US-based non-profit advocacy organization promoting and raising funds for research on human aging to accelerate the creation of therapeutics for extending healthy human life. Our goal is to set humanity free from the burden of age-related diseases.’s program portfolio ranges from a news outlet and media collaborations, advocacy initiatives to improve regulatory landscape internationally, to scientific conferences and pitch sessions for the investors interested in longevity. We serve as the voice of the longevity community and as a hub where the key players can meet, cross-pollinate and collaborate.

We are a culturally diverse team of mission-driven individuals who are passionate about the opportunity to enjoy greatly extended lives and provide it to every person in the world. We are moving towards our goal by working hard and working smart, and building our company and our ecosystem in the spirit of openness, mutual support and trust.

Marketing Manager is an advocacy organization raising public awareness and funds for research on aging and healthy longevity. To reach the goals, the organization is producing various types of news, educational and entertaining content (written and video), various events and webinars, and supporting scientific research directly via our crowdfunding platform.

The Marketing Manager is tasked to help realize the company goals with (online) marketing. Basically he/she is responsible for all Marketing activities within This means researching the audience, creating marketing strategy and campaigns, devising new ways to promote our content and events, dealing with clients for advertising, advising team members and the board on the marketing approach, following our online performance with KPI reporting and leading the Marketing Department.

Essential responsibilities:

  • Advising the Board of Directors on Marketing strategies
  • Developing the annual marketing plan, proposing and monitoring the advertising budget in collaboration with executive management
  • Investigating audience with surveys and advising the organization based on the results (targeted messaging)
  • Supervising regular research and adoption of new tools and approaches that can contribute to improving performance
  • Creating and executing Marketing Campaigns that are in line with the company goals
  • Researching possible ways to collaborate with large YT channels and television
  • Supervising sales of advertising to various clients
  • Leading the Marketing Department (several social media managers, one graphic designer), maintaining task management process, monitoring performance
  • Promoting projects of the organization (including events) on SM in close collaboration with other departments within Lifespan, such as the the News Outlet, Video Production Team, Fundraising, Outreach
  • Regular KPI Reporting to the Board of Directors
  • Participating in interviewing the candidates for Marketing department


  • Demonstrable experience (5 years +) as a Marketing Manager
  • Demonstrable experience (2+ years) in leading a Marketing team
  • Demonstrable experience with audience surveys
  • Demonstrable expertise in creating, measuring, and A/B testing successful ad campaigns using standard platforms such as Google Ads Manager and Facebook Ads Manager
  • Self sufficiency in resolving technical issues surrounding standard ad platforms such as Google Ads manager and Facebook Ads Manager
  • Knowledge of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) best practices
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Proficient computer skills, Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Excel, Google tools for group work)
  • Proficient with task-management software
  • Readiness to adjust working hours to lead a multinational remote team

Job Types: Part-time, Full time, Contract

If you are interested, please send us your resume with your salary expectations.

Chief of Staff

We’re looking for our first Chief of Staff! This full time remote position is for a motivated professional who is seeking a challenging and rewarding experience. You will be working directly with the Executive Director and will wear multiple hats. The position encompasses both internal and external facing responsibilities; interacting with the entire team, leaders across Longevity Biotech/Web3/Philanthropy/etc., scientists and researchers, startup entrepreneurs, investors, journalists and more. Play an integral role in the media and advocacy side of longevity biotechnology.


  • you have institutional project management experience
  • you’re obsessed with details, conciseness, and keeping everyone and everything organized and on track
    • ^if this isn’t you, you will likely not enjoy the role
  • you’re eager to learn and are looking for growth opportunities
  • you take pride in being a proactive problem solver who seeks and proposes thoughtful solutions

To apply for the position:

  • If you are interested, please send us your resume with your salary expectations
  • Salary expectations
  • A few sentences on the following:
      • why you’re interested in
      • relevant job-related skills you’re looking to improve
      • your favorite PM tool and why

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