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Category: Lifespan News

November 24, 2020
For this week's Lifespan News, Brent Nally discusses the 2020 Century Summit, the effects of aged blood on gene expression, lung organoids and COVID-19, OneSkin's senotherapeutic skin cream, a new book on AI and longevity, and cell virtualization for fighting cancer.
November 17, 2020
On Lifespan News this week, Brent Nally brings up the relationship between the extracellular matrix and heart health, WHO's new portal for aging, Breanna Deutsch's request for pressuring lawmakers on aging, the lack of efficacy of the popular supplement C60, and Dr. Matt Kaeberlein on the NUS longevity webinar.
November 10, 2020
For this week's Lifespan News, Brent Nally discusses partial cellular reprogramming, the downsides and upsides of metformin, a way of reaching the fountain of longevity, cartilage regeneration accomplished in the lab, and a relationship between telomeres and later pregnancies. Further Reading Partial Cellular Reprogramming Improves Memory in Old Mice Metformin and Resistance Training: Downside and...