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Back is helping to build a longevity community.

Helping to Build the Longevity Community

Solving aging will need a coordinated industry working together to turn aging research into prescribable medicine. This is where is really helping to move things forward. Forming strategic partnerships with aligned organizations is an important part of our community-building strategy. We do not believe in trying to reinvent the wheel and are keen to work with other organizations who share our goals. If you are interested in exploring potential partnerships with us,Β please get in touch!

Connecting the community

We talk about our advocacy work and the open-access resources we make available to the public and the industry at other conferences and events. You can find upcoming longevity events near you on our longevity events calendar.

The Longevity Investor Network is an initiative to bring investors and promising rejuvenation biotech startups together. We help to connect biotech research with the funding and business opportunities it needs to take it from bench to bedside. If you’re interested in investing or getting your startup in front of investors, reach out to us.

We also encourage discussion and community through ourΒ public longevity forumΒ on Discord. Meeting like-minded people interested in longevity is a great way to learn about available resources and who is doing what so that we as a community can avoid duplicating efforts.

Find Longevity Events Near You Box
A calendar of the various longevity events happening around the globe.
Connecting Biotech & Investment Box
Bringing rejuvenation biotechnology startups and investors together.
The Longevity Discord Box
A place for the community to meet and share ideas.

An annual conference to unite the community

Science does not only happen in the lab; it is done everywhere where great minds meet. This is why we have hosted a major scientific conference every year since 2018. The Ending Age-Related Diseases conference provides its guests with a rich collection of research talks, panel discussions, workshops, interviews, and motivational talks.

We are committed to making our conference the best source of information about progress in rejuvenation biotechnology as well as the best place to get in touch with like-minded people.

That is why we believe that hosting our annual Ending Age-Related Diseases conference is a great way to foster progress in aging research.

Our conferences bring entrepreneurs and investors, pharma and biotech companies, researchers, and government organizations together to exchange research reports, inspire and get inspired with new ideas, and find collaborators, supporters, and mentors.

Ending Age-Related Diseases 2023Β has been announced, check out the conference page to learn more. This will be a mixed virtual and physical hybrid event taking place both in New York City and also online.

Ending Age-Related Diseases Box
Where longevity research meets DeSci and Investment.