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The Team

A foundation like LEAF has many different operations to perform in its mission to support the development of life extension technologies. To achieve this we have a great team of staff and volunteers.


Steve Hill / Lifespan Extension Advocacy Foundation - Editor-in-Chief

Elena Milova - Chief Operating Officer

Josh Conway - Editor

Nicola Bagalà - Staff Writer/X10

Mattijs Vonk - Marketing Coordinator

Tim Maupin - Video and Film Production

Christie Sacco - Social Media

Arkadi Mazin - Staff Writer

Sedeer el-Showk, Ph.D. - Staff Writer/X10

Greg Gillispie, Ph.D. - Staff Writer

Rose Opbroek - Fundraising Consultant

Ryan O’Shea

Quentin Hobbs

Lifespan Extension Advocacy Foundation - Social Media Manager

Vitalii Winter

Lifespan Extension Advocacy Foundation - Social Media Manager


Patrick Deane - Volunteer Writer

Fatima Hill - Volunteer Photographer

Brent Nally - Lifespan News

Chris Linnell / Lifespan Extension Advocacy Foundation - Volunteer

Nicholas Singh - Longevity Investors Network