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The Team

A foundation like ours has many different operations to perform in its mission to support the development of life extension technologies. To achieve this we have a great team of people helping to run the day-to-day operations of the org.


Stephanie Dainow - Executive Director

Steve Hill - Editor-in-Chief

Oliver Medvedik, Ph.D. - Head of Research - Mindset

Christie Sacco - Social Media Manager

Josh Conway - Editor

Mattijs Vonk - Marketing

Arkadi Mazin - Science Journalist

Anna Drangowska-Way, Ph.D. - Science Writer

Ryan O’Shea - Lifespan News

James Hale - Partnerships Lead

Jake Mabey - Marketing

Pat Graziosi - Life Noggin

Maria Isabella - Science Journalist

Stephen Christopher Rose - Science Journalist

Tim Maupin - Video and Film Production

Robert Grisham - Life Noggin

Ryan McGarry - Researcher - Mindset

Pranav Lakherwal - Chief of Staff

Emmett Short - Lifespan News