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Spring is not far away here in the Northern Hemisphere, and with it, the signs of life and new growth are appearing. Much like the change of seasons, our organization is also growing and preparing to continue the fight against age-related diseases. Matt Kaeberlein joins our SAB We are delighted to announce that Dr. Matt... Editorial
The new year is well underway, and we have been our usual busy selves. Join us for the first editorial of the year, and find out about the awesome things we have been doing for longer, healthier lives. Decentralized science could support aging research progress President Keith Comito recently appeared in Cointelegraph, a news... Christmas editorial 2022
While our team is taking some well earned rest and relaxation over Christmas (very important for health and longevity) we wanted to share our recent activities with you. Wishing you a happy holiday! Hi, this is Stephanie Dainow, the Executive Director here at I would like to take the opportunity to personally wish you... Editorial
  There has been plenty going on here at, so we thought it was time to give you a little update on what's been happening. Meet us at the Longevity Summit 2022 The Longevity Summit 2022 is happening on December 6-7 at the Buck Institute for Research on Aging, and is an official... Editorial
As a non-profit organization, our goal is to engage and educate the public about the potential of rejuvenation and a world in which age-related diseases are a thing of the past. With that in mind, this is the ideal opportunity to tell you about some of the exciting things that we have done recently and...
It has been quite a while since the community had fundraised for the MMTP senolytics project; unfortunately, the start of the experiment was delayed due to a number of issues encountered along the way. However, today, we are delighted to announce that the experiment has been approved and has finally launched! The COVID-19 situation To...