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Steve Hill - Editor in Chief

Hi there, I am Steve Hill, Editor-in-Chief of News, which offers the latest information on rejuvenation biotechnology. We are a passionate team of journalists and scientists who work hard to bring you aging research news from this fascinating field of science.

To help keep you informed, we have created three main channels where you can get your news. The daily news brings you the latest research, investment, and policy news, which is great if you like to keep up to date with everything happening in this rapidly changing field on a daily basis. The Rejuvenation Roundup is a monthly breakdown of the key news and happenings in both written and podcast form and is ideal if you want a large information hit in one dose. Finally, Lifespan News is a weekly video recap of the most exciting news presented by Brent Nally.

Latest News Stories

  • The Social Hallmarks of Aging
    In News
    A professor at the University of Southern California has proposed that longevity researchers expand their toolkit to include social hallmarks of aging [1]. This paper is one of a trio that offer a ...
  • Elastrin logoKizoo Provides Seed Funding for Elastrin Therapeutics
    In News
    Rejuvenation biotechnology startup founder Kizoo has provided Elastrin, a company that focuses on removing calcification from tissue, with seed funding. The company Elastrin is named for elastin, ...
  • Bioage Launches Clinical Trial for Unexplained Anemia of Aging
    In News
    BioAge, in a recent press release, has announced the start of its phase 2a clinical trial in elderly patients with unexplained anemia. BioAge is a California-based company founded in 2015 with a very ...
  • NAD World Part 1
    In News
    This is part one of a two-part article where we take a look at NAD+ biology, its history, how it relates to the biology of aging, and the potential for therapeutic interventions via the so-called ...
  • LSN longevity pharmacologyLifespan News – Longevity Pharmacology
    In Lifespan News, News
    This week on Lifespan News, Brent Nally discusses longevity pharmacology, atrophy of the circadian clock, SIRT3 and lung fibrosis, research that suggests that we should look beyond biology to slow ...
  • Matt Kaeberlein interviewThe Dog Aging Project Is Ready for Takeoff
    In News
    Almost three years ago, Dr. Matt Kaeberlein, a Professor of Pathology and an Adjunct Professor of both Genome Sciences and Oral Health Sciences at the University of Washington in Seattle, outlined ...
  • X10 Caring about AgingLifeXtenShow – Three Reasons for Apathy
    In LifeXtenShow, News
    In this episode of X10, we discuss three reasons why people don’t care about curing aging. Getting people to care about elderly dying from a deadly disease is relatively easy, but getting them ...
  • Rejuvenation Roundup FebruaryRejuvenation Roundup February 2021
    In News, Rejuvenation Roundup
    As rejuvenation research continues to grow and develop, so do we here at This month’s Roundup features quite a few interesting studies along with things that we’re doing to ...
  • Bold logoDigital Health Company Bold Lands $7 Million
    In News
    Thanks to an injection of seed round cash, a new company, Bold, joins the growing pool of organizations that are focused on wellness and disease prevention. The rising interest in wellness and ...
  • NeuronsMeasuring Age With a Bloodborne Neural Protein
    In News
    A new study shows that functional deterioration of the nervous system contributes to late-life mortality and identifies a related bloodborne biomarker for all-cause mortality [1]. Neurofilament light ...
  • ChromaDexChromaDex Announces $25 Million Private Placement of Common Stock
    In News
    ChromaDex has recently announced that it has agreed a securities purchase agreement for the sale of $25 million of its common stock in a private placement. The private placement was led by an ...
  • PillsLongevity Pharmacology Comes of Age
    In News
    A bold feature article published in Drug Discovery Today illustrates the coming of age of longevity pharmacology. Dr. João Pedro de Magalhães, one of the biggest names in longevity research, outlined ...
  • X10 aging is a messLifespan News – Aging Is a Mess
    In Lifespan News, News
    This week on Lifespan News, Brent Nally discusses intertwined hallmarks, male and female gut microbiomes, replacing aged tissues, an ethics code for longevity journalism, and the NIH’s efforts ...
  • Lungs in orangeSIRT3 Replenishment Reverses Lung Fibrosis in Mice
    In News
    Scientists have successfully reversed persistent lung fibrosis in mice by overexpressing the SIRT3 protein in lung macrophages [1]. Fibrosis: not knowing when to stop Fibrosis may be the true apex ...
  • Blood vesselsHumacyte in Deal to Develop Prosthetic Vasculature
    In News
    Tissue engineering company Humacyte is about to make a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) deal in order to go public. The company is developing bioengineered Human Acellular Vessels (HAVs), ...
  • Mitochondria Can induce Cellular Senescence
    In Heroes Corner
    Join Dr. Oliver Medvedik at 12:00 Eastern, February 25th for the Journal Club. As lifespan Heroes you also have the option to join the call live and join in directly with Dr. Medvedik and the team. ...
  • Journal Club February – Mitochondria Can Trigger Cellular Senescence
    In Journal club, News
    Join Dr. Oliver Medvedik at 12:00 Eastern, February 25th for the Journal Club livestreamed on our Facebook page. Researchers have discovered that mitochondria trigger cellular senescence through ...
  • The lifespan survey bannerTake Our Audience Survey!
    In News
    At, we strive to bring you the latest rejuvenation biotechnology news, interviews with researchers in the field, live webinars, and journal club meetings. We do this through our social ...
  • Circadian Rhythm SleepAtrophy of the Neuronal Circadian Clock Is a Disease of Aging
    In News
    Today, researcher Victor Bjoerk talks us through his latest published paper, in which he describes a neurodegenerative disease that affects the circadian clock. A circadian clock disease With aging, ...
  • Science to Save the World on Generational MemoriesScience to Save the World – Generational Memories
    In Science to Save the World
    On this episode of Science to Save the World,’s general science show, we discuss the concept of engrams and discuss the idea of memories being preserved across generations, ...

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