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Announcing Our Fifth Conference

Bringing together leading aging researchers and biotech investors for four action-packed days of science and business.


We are delighted to announce the fifth Ending Age-Related Diseases conference! On August 11-14, 2022, we will be meeting virtually to hear the latest developments from the leaders of rejuvenation biotechnology research and investment. During this four-day conference, you will hear the latest news from the field, exchange ideas, find new business partners, and spend time with like-minded people.

Once again, we will be bringing together the thought leaders and top researchers in the rejuvenation biotechnology industry to help you deepen your understanding of what is going on in aging research. There will be a selection of talks, panel discussions, interviews, and on-demand content to enjoy.

We will soon be announcing some of the speakers for this years conference. If you would like to stay informed about speakers, special offers on tickets and more, then register and tick the newsletter box.


Interested in Sponsoring or Speaking at our Conference?

We are currently preparing our sponsorship offers for the conference, but if you would like to discuss options with us now, please contact our conference coordinator, Denise Barker.

If you are a research or investment expert working in this space and would like to discuss potentially speaking at the event, please contact our conference coordinator, Denise Barker. Alternatively, you can also submit your abstract for our consideration.