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Ending Age-Related Diseases: 2020


We are happy to announce our third Ending Age-Related Diseases: Investment Prospects & Advances in Research conference! This time, we will be meeting on August 20-21 at the Stern Auditorium of the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai.

With numerous interventions against aging already in human clinical trials, the rejuvenation industry seems to be reaching the stage of bearing fruit. However, much has yet to be done before our society can benefit from scientific progress in this field.

We are bringing together thought leaders in the rejuvenation industry to foster scientific and business collaborations in order to accelerate the development of therapies that target the root causes of aging. Join us for two days packed with insightful talks about how we can end age-related diseases more quickly! Registration is now open, and you are welcome to take advantage of the Early Bird ticket price.


Dr. Aubrey de Grey

SENS Research Foundation

Dr. Judith Campisi

The Buck Institute

Dr. Steve Horvath

David Geffen School of Medicine, UCLA

Dr. Vadim Gladyshev

Harvard Medical School, USA

Dr. Brian Kennedy

National University Singapore

Dr. Andrei Gudkov

Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center

Dr. Alexey Moskalev

Russian Academy of Sciences

Dr. Hanadie Yousef

Juvena Therapeutics

Dr. Matthew O'Connor

Underdog Pharmaceuticals

Polina Mamoshina

Insilico Medicine

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Dr. Alexandra Bause

Apollo Ventures

Dr. Oliver Medvedik

Kanbar Center for Biomedical Engineering

Lewis Gruber

SIWA Therapeutics


After multiple requests last year, we are organizing a poster session so that young scientists who won’t be participating as speakers can present their work to the audience. Twenty poster slots are available.

To submit your poster for consideration, please send it to Elena (PPT or PDF for A0 vertical) together with this information:

  • Title of your poster
  • Name of the presenting author
  • Institution of the presenting author
  • Short text explaining how your study is advancing rejuvenation research

If your poster is chosen for poster the session, Elena will send you a special code to register with a special discounted fee for poster presenters ($400).

This year, the four main topics will be:

  • Biomarkers of aging
  • New findings in fundamental studies of aging
  • Development of therapies that target the root mechanisms of aging
  • Longevity investment strategies and the regulatory landscape

A draft conference program will be published soon.


If you are a researcher: EARD2020 offers you the opportunity to get an overview of what is going on in various areas of aging research and discuss promising directions and potential blind spots with your peers. Our common goal is to ensure that all bases are covered and we are getting closer to the possibility of bringing all age-related diseases under medical control. You can also benefit from our extensive media support of the event, which is aimed at making your research more visible to the public. If you are not part of the main program, consider participating in the poster session to present your studies to the audience.

If you are a longevity supporter: We feature the most up-to-date studies on aging and rejuvenation, and we are creating a considerable amount of educational content to help you keep track of new developments, understand the science behind various interventions against age-related diseases, and build your own reliable longevity strategy. On top of that, being among like-minded people and exchanging insights is refreshing! 

If you are an investor: EARD2020 will feature leading researchers and biotech companies, so you will be able to scout for currently promising opportunities for investment. Detailed presentations will also improve your understanding of longevity science, to help you navigate the field more easily in the future. There will be talk and a panel discussion including investors who will share their experiences of working in this nascent industry.

If you are leading a biotech company: You are welcome to apply for speaking at the conference or to support it as a sponsor. In both cases, we will do our best to make your company more visible to the longevity community during and after the event. A conference is an ideal place where you can find more business partners and investors to support your work.


We are offering a number of tickets at the conference this year and you can find their prices and availability below. Book your tickets earlier to make big savings!

  • Early Bird Discount (up to May 31): $500
  • Regular (June 1 – July 20): $600
  • Last month (July 21 – August 21): $700
  • Students: $300 (Please bring your student ID to the conference

If for some reason the ticket kiosk above is not working for you, then please visit the event page directly, here.

Heroes: To thank you for your kind support, we are offering you a 20% discount on top of the Early Bird rate. Please contact Steve to get your special code to unlock the Hero ticket.

Press: Please contact Elena for press accreditation. We will give you a special code to register for free.

Sponsors: We are offering a range of sponsorship packages to people and organizations who want to become part of the drive to end age-related diseases by supporting our conference. Please contact Elena to discuss what kind of package fits you best. Sponsorship offers are reviewed by the LEAF board on a case-by-case basis.

If you cannot attend, a refund will be given any time before July 20, 2020.


EARD2020 will take place in the heart of New York City at Mount Sinai’s Icahn School of Medicine, Stern Auditorium (1468 Madison Avenue).


Recommendations about the hotels nearby will be added shortly.



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