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Advocacy for life extension technologies important, as is engaging the public about any concerns.

A Knowledge Hub for Life Extension Advocacy

You would think that the majority of people would support the development of life extension technologies that might help people to live healthier and longer lives; however, quite understandably, the idea of human life extension raises some concerns for certain people.

There are potentially massive changes coming to medicine and how we regard aging and treat age-related diseases in the next few decades. With these changes comes the potential for people to live longer and healthier lives thanks to the life extension therapies that directly target the various aging processes in order to delay, prevent, or even reverse age-related diseases.

However, the realization that human life extension is coming, perhaps even in our lifetime, raises a number of concerns and objections to the suggestion of increasing healthy human longevity. Some of these concerns are perfectly understandable but are often based on logical fallacies -that is, the argument contains logically invalid reasoning.

We talk to many people about aging research, and we encounter a wide range of views and concerns about using science to achieve longer, healthier lifespans, so we have compiled a series of articles that take a look at some of the more common issues and concerns surrounding increased human lifespans.

  • What Life Extension Is and What it Isn’t

    What Life Extension Is and What it Isn’t

    People call it life extension, rejuvenation, anti-aging, age-reversal, longevity research, geroscience, rejuvenation biotechnology, and even biomedical gerontology, but what exactly is it?   What life extension is While “life extension” is technically correct, it […]
  • Arguing that Life Extension is Not a Priority

    Arguing that Life Extension is Not a Priority

    Arguing that other issues should get priority over tackling aging is an all-too-common reason for not developing life extension technology. We cannot have life extension unless […]
  • Life Extension Is Another Form of Freedom

    Life Extension Is Another Form of Freedom

    Freedom is a big deal for our society. We want freedom of speech, political freedom, freedom of the press, religious freedom, and freedom of choice over anything that may concern us directly. […]
  • Life Extension Is Not Selfish

    Life Extension Is Not Selfish

    Discussing the potential of slowing down or even reversing aging has become more popular in recent years, but some people suggest that it […]
  • Is Life Extension Altruistic?

    Is Life Extension Altruistic?

    When discussing the topic of life extension, a critique is sometimes raised that increasing healthy lifespans is selfish. Does this arguement really hold up? As a matter of fact, life extension is actually […]
  • A Guide to Logical Fallacies

    A Guide to Logical Fallacies

    When debating life extension, or debating in general, it may happen that participants commit logical fallacies—that is, their arguments contain logically invalid reasoning. In practice, this often means that people incorrectly come to certain conclusions that do […]

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