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Engaging and Educating the Public about Aging and Life Extension


Oliver Medvedik, Ph.D. / Lifespan Extension Advocacy Foundation - Co-Founder / Vice President

Hey there, I am Dr. Oliver Medvedik, Vice President of For the first time in human history, we can consider bringing aging and age-related diseases under medical control to be a realistic goal.

Emerging life extension technologies could potentially free us from aging and age-related diseases, providing our children and even ourselves with extra years of healthy longevity, independence, and youthful appearance. If you are new to the topic of rejuvenation biotechnology and its potential to increase healthy human lifespans, you may wish to start with the basics and read our introduction to life extension.

As part of our commitment to education our goal is to share evidence-based knowledge about aging and rejuvenation among the general public, the business sector, policymakers, and philanthropists. To achieve this goal we engage in a number of educational initiatives covering topics such as lifestyle, supplements, biology of aging and advocacy.

I also host the monthly Journal Club, a livestreamed show where I dive into the latest research papers and discuss them with guests from the Lifespan Heroes.

Lifestyle Hub Box
Learn about diet, exercise, and nutrition for longevity.
Supplements Hub Box
We explore the world of dietary supplements in the context of longevity.
Biology of Aging Hub Box
Learn about cells, tissues, organs, and medical technologies.
The Rejuvenation Roadmap Box
Find out how soon science might defeat aging with our curated research database.
Finance and Blockchain Hub Box
Articles about finance and blockchain in the context of aging research.
Life Noggin Box
Explaining science, technology, social issues, and more in a fun pop-sci style.
Longevity Advocacy Hub Box
We explore some of the benefits and concerns about life extension here.
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