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LIfestyle and Diet are important in longevity.

A Knowledge Hub for Lifestyle, Diet and Exercise

Our lifestyles, diet, activity levels, and environment all play a role in determining how long we will remain healthy (healthspan) and how long we live (lifespan). We are building a knowledge hub to help guide you on best practices and the data supporting various diets, lifestyles, and activities, helping you make informed choices about your health and potential longevity.

  • Low Glycemic Index Diets

    Low Glycemic Index Diets

    The glycemic index was developed in 1980 by a group of researchers at the Food and Nutrition Science Department at the University of Toronto [1]. It was developed when […]
  • Healthy Habits to Lose Weight More Quickly

    Healthy Habits to Lose Weight More Quickly

    Maintaining a healthy weight is important for health, especially with advancing age. Here are some ways to improve your chances of losing weight and not regaining it over time. […]
  • Butyrate’s Myriad Effects on the Gut and Overall Health

    Butyrate’s Myriad Effects on the Gut and Overall Health

    In this article we take a look at butyrate, a four-carbon short-chain fatty acid (SCFA), which plays an important role in health and perhaps even the aging process. It is a naturally occurring product of the microbial fermentation of […]
  • Sauna Use May Increase Longevity

    Sauna Use May Increase Longevity

    There are a few reasons to consider including sauna use as part of your personal health and longevity strategy. What is a sauna? The word sauna comes from the […]
  • Is Coffee Good or Bad for You?

    Is Coffee Good or Bad for You?

    Coffee contains hundreds of biologically active compounds that influence long-term health. Coffee consumption is associated with lower all-cause and cardiovascular (CV) mortality as well as […]
  • Dietary Components That Affect Blood Pressure

    Dietary Components That Affect Blood Pressure

    While some people must take medication to reduce their blood pressure in order to preserve their healthspan and lifespan, it is usually recommended to try diet- and exercise-based approaches first. […]
  • Reviewing Cold Therapy for Longevity

    Reviewing Cold Therapy for Longevity

      The health benefits of the cold therapy have long been touted by mankind, including Hippocrates claiming it cured lethargy and Thomas Jefferson bathing his feet in […]
  • What Is Fasting and How Does it Work?

    What Is Fasting and How Does it Work?

      In this review, we explore the practice of fasting and how it differs to caloric restriction. What Is Fasting? Simply put, to fast is to abstain from eating for a given amount of time. Fasting has gained considerable notoriety […]
  • What Is Caloric Restriction?

    What Is Caloric Restriction?

      In this review, we take a look at the practice of caloric restriction and how it differs from fasting. What is caloric restriction? In the broadest sense, caloric restriction can mean simply a reduction in the amount […]

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Mediterranean Diet Might Lower Risk of Dementia

In a large-scale observational study, British scientists have shown that high levels of adherence to the Mediterranean diet might substantially...

Excessive Fat, Not Sugar, Leads to Obesity in Mice

In a new study published in Endocrinology and Metabolism, researchers have shown that fat rather than sugar is the macronutrient...

High Protein Intake Associated With Sarcopenia

Researchers publishing in Age and Ageing have found that, rather than being protective, an increase in dietary protein is associated...

Polyphenols Help Reduce Visceral Fat

Pitching two variants of the Mediterranean diet against each other in a randomized controlled trial, scientists have found that the...