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Community Events
  • Longevity Biotech Meetup San Francisco

    Longevity Biotech Meetup San Francisco

    Near the local Foresight Vision and Longevity Summit, this free, two-hour casual longevity meetup will be hosted by ODLB, Foresight Institute, LEAF, and LongevitySF at Spark Social in San Francisco. Visitors will be able to connect with ODLB […]

JOIN THE LONGEVITY DISCUSSION has an active longevity community on the social messaging and chat platform Discord.

If you are interested in being part of a community of likeminded longevity enthusiaststs, come and join us!

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We are a non-profit organization and rely on public support to continue our important work. As a donor, you can help to drive forward the research and development of technology that could be a real game changer but is too ambitious to be supported via the traditional funding pathways.


The moonshot projects that are often high risk and high reward, but if successful could be truly transformative to the future of health and human longevity.


We invite you to help us to solve the biggest problem in human history: Aging

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Longevity News
Longevity News
  • Polyphenols Help Reduce Visceral Fat

    Polyphenols Help Reduce Visceral Fat

    Pitching two variants of the Mediterranean diet against each other in a randomized controlled trial, scientists have found that the plant-oriented one, which contained more polyphenols, […]
Longevity News
  • De-Aging Movie Stars Won’t Solve Aging

    De-Aging Movie Stars Won’t Solve Aging

    In the fifth installment of the popular Indiana Jones franchise, Harrison Ford will reportedly be “de-aged” by means of computer graphics, presumably to make him kicking Nazi […]
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