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Lento Bio

Organization Description


Lento Bio is a preclinical pharmaceutical company focused on developing small-molecule therapeutics to target crosslinks that cause tissues to stiffen with age. The company will initially focus on developing pharmaceutical eyedrops to treat a common vision disorder, presbyopia, or age-related farsightedness. Lento Bio is supported by Ichor Life Sciences, a preclinical contract research organization.

Presbyopia is caused by stiffening of the eye lens, which stems from molecular crosslinks including advanced glycation end products (AGE) that cause tissue rigidity. The small-molecule drugs being developed by Lento Bio will target underlying molecular damage accumulation with the goal of reversing the process of tissue-stiffening in the ocular lens. Upon successful completion of its first project, Lento Bio plans to apply its anti-glycation products more widely to include systemic diseases of aging.