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Ronald A. Primas, M.D.


Organization Description


Dr. Primas is a board-certified internist, a preventive medicine and integrative medicine specialist, and always on the cutting edge of medicine. He guides his patients using genomics, epigenetics, methylation testing (aging clock), microbiome analysis and telomere length analysis for a more detailed, personal approach to their health. He firmly believes that this approach not only extends the human lifespan but significantly improves the quality of one’s life (healthspan). He encourages and supports his patients’ quest for optimal health by guiding them through the myriad of results from their genomic and epigenetic profiles, microbiome and telomere analysis, reviewing their data from personal health tracking devices and apps, and advising them on how to best interpret the data and make it useful and actionable. Dr Primas also incorporates innovative modalities for aging deceleration, such as NAD+ therapies, fasting/time restricted eating, fasting mimicking diets, prescription geroprotectors, and senotherapeutic medications. He also offers stem cell banking for future use.