The Rejuvenation Roadmap

Research Progress
Updated: September 22, 2019

Thanks to the support of the Lifespan Heroes and as part of our commitment to bringing you the latest news in longevity research, we have created the rejuvenation roadmap.

This curated database aims to compile the most promising therapies and technologies in development and chart their progress in one easy to read format. We have divided the projects into their corresponding aging hallmarks for ease of reference and clicking on each icon will take you to some more detailed information about each project. The database will be updated on a regular basis ensuring you have the most up to date overview of the rejuvenation biotechnology field.

For more information on the clinical trial process check out our article here which explains what the phases mean.

Table legend
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Preclinical: in vitro Preclinical: in vivo Passed Preclinical Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 Released


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Change Log

19 November 2019

  • Underdog added

18 November 2019

  • resTORbio moved back to phase 2

15 November 2019

  • Rejenevie added
  • Mitotech added

14 November 2019

  • Longeveron added
  • Alkahest added

22 September 2019

  • Updated Dasatinib and Quercetin at Mayo with second phase 1 human trial info
  • Urolotin A by Amazentis added

24 July 2019

  • Added – OSKMLN

18 June 2019

  • UBX0101 by Unity Biotechnology moved to Phase 2

05 June 2019

  • Samumed moved to Phase 3

05 Apr 2019

  • Added Mayo Clinic – Fisetin
  • Added Elevian – GDF11
  • Added Unity – UBX1967
  • Added Unity – UBX0101
  • J147 moved to Phase 1

19 Mar 2019

  • resTORbio RTB101 moved to phase 3 following successful phase 2 and 2b trials

  • Updated Scripps Institute to Phase 2

  • Updated Scripps Institute to Phase 1

03 Dec 2018

  • Jumpstart Fertility added
  • Spotlight Biosciences added
  • Senolytic Therapeutics added
  • Continuum Biosciences added
  • Animal Biosciences added
  • Selphagy added

  • Changelog feature added