Treating Alzheimer's Disease

Leucadia Therapeutics is developing Arethusta, a treatment that fights Alzheimer’s by promoting the flow of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) through the brain.

Normal brain function generates toxic metabolites that, if allowed to accumulate, leads to the formation of amyloid aggregates and tangles. The cribriform plate, a porous bone that sits just above the nasal bridge, drains the CSF that contains these metabolites. However, aging and other damage can block this drainage system, leading to a build-up of toxins and ultimately to amyloidosis. Doug Ethell, the founder of Leucadia, has likened the accumulation of these amyloids to a drying creek full of leaves. Normally, a creek can wash leaves away, but as it dries up, it can no longer carry away the accumulated, matted leaves.

Arethusta is designed to clear this blockage, restoring the flow of CSF through the cribriform plate and allowing toxins to be cleared away. Dr. Ethell holds that by treating this underlying cause, Alzheimer’s can be prevented from progressing.

According to a press release, clinical trials of Arethusta are scheduled to begin in 2022.