Alixia � Not announced

SanFrancisco, California-based Alixia was co-founded by CEOs Helen Chen PhD and Olef Mollstedt, Alixia aims to offer a better platform than what is currently available in precision oncology [precision oncology aims to match patients with drugs that target specific mutations in their tumors. With the exception of a few super responders, this approach only benefits ~1.5% of patients with relapsed and refractory solid tumors]. Multiple factors ranging from stroma stiffness (mechanical stress), inflammatory crosstalk (molecular signals), tumor pH (biochemical status), and metabolic shifts in various cell types in the tumor microenvironment collectively trigger individual cancer cells to compete with each other for resources, suppress immune activation, and promoteoncogenic evolution. Alixia’s research platform allows enables the discovery of molecules that are able to impact a broad range of cells to collapse tumor ecosystems.