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Tag: Yeast

DNA Details
In a new study published in GeroScience, researchers have shown that it is possible to significantly increase yeast lifespan by overexpressing genes highly conserved across various species [1]. Survival and aging The question of the effects of nature versus nurture, or programmed versus stochastic, sparks hot scientific debate in other fields as well as aging....
Psoralea corylifolia
A new publication in Nature Communications has revealed that corylin, which is derived from the Chinese herb Psoralea corylifolia, increases the lifespan of model organisms through well-known pathways of aging. Finding corylin This study did not begin with an examination of corylin or even a look at this particular herb. Instead, the researchers examined multiple...
Budding yeast
A group of researchers has shown that yeast cells have two different and mutually exclusive modes of aging that seem to be interlinked. The scientists were also able to artificially induce a third mode of aging that prolongs both healthspan and lifespan. Yeast is a popular object of genomic research due to its short reproductive...