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What is Klotho?

What is Klotho?
Date Published: 10/20/2021
Date Modified: 06/23/2022

Klotho, named after the Greek mythological figure, is an enzyme that can be either circulating or bound to cell membranes [1,2]. It is expressed most highly in the kidneys [3]. There are three subfamilies of klotho (α-, ß-, and γ-klotho), with a-klotho being the most prominent.

α-klotho interacts with several proteins, such as activating FGF23 [4], ROMK [5], TRPV5 [5, 6], and TRPC6 [6] and antagonizing the Wnt signaling pathway [7]. It appears to play a major role in insulin sensitivity [4], calcium and phosphate homeostasis [5, 6], oxidative stress and inflammation [2, 8, 9], and cognitive function [10-13]. Reduced klotho accelerates the degenerative process of chronic kidney disease [5], may be an early sign of oral cancer [14], and contributes to atherosclerosis [8, 15].

Klotho has received particular attention due to its role in aging. Serum levels of klotho decrease with age in humans [16] and are predictive of mortality [17-19]. Reduced or absent klotho can be used as an accelerated aging model in mice [1]. On the other hand, an overexpression of klotho can increase mouse lifespan [20] and genetic variations of the human klotho gene are associated with longer lives [21].


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