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Organization Description


Lifespan Extension Advocacy Foundation (LEAF) is a US-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization headquartered in New York City, and relies upon an international team of journalists, scientists, content creators, and other industry experts who are focused on aging research and promoting healthy human longevity through the development of rejuvenation biotechnology and regenerative medicine. To achieve this goal their news outlet publishes daily news stories, our team creates educational videos, we host conferences and events to bring researchers and public together each year, we launch crowdfunding campaigns for research, and engage with policymakers and the general public. LEAF uses as its public facing brand name.


Press release

Stephen Christopher Rose - Staff Writer

Jake Mabey - Marketing

Pat Graziosi - Creative Director

Claudia Miller - Volunteer

Max Kamrani - Volunteer

Bogdan Andrei - Vounteer

Kacie Phipps - Vounteer

Bryan Alicea - Volunteer

Larisa Sheloukhova, Ph.D. - Staff Writer

Stephanie Dainow - Executive Director

Tovah Wolf, Ph.D. - Volunteer

Maria Isabella - Staff Writer

Keith Comito - Co-Founder / President

Steve Hill - Board Director - Editor-in-Chief

Oliver Medvedik, Ph.D. - Co-Founder / Vice President

Mattijs Vonk - Graphic designer

Josh Conway - Editor

Christie Sacco - Social Media Manager

Tim Maupin - Filmmaker / Science to Save the World

Arkadi Mazin - Staff Writer

Ryan O’Shea - X10 / Science to Save the World

Vitalii Winter - Social Media

Paul A. Spiegel, J.D. - Board Director - Legal Counsel

Andrew Aiello - Board Director

Richard Kaufman - Director

Javier Noris - Board Director

Fatima Hill - Volunteer

Brent Nally - Volunteer

Chris Linnell - Volunteer

Patrick Deane - Volunteer Writer