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CureDAO and Its Mission

CureDAO and Its Mission
Date Published: 12/16/2022
Date Modified: 02/13/2023

Every day, 1.134 trillion megabytes of data are created. As that trajectory continues its upward trend, it presents both never-before-seen risk and potential. Although cyber criminals are often quick to exploit the vulnerabilities of available data resources, organizations such as CureDAO aim to utilize this opportunity for more constructive purposes.

What is CureDAO?

CureDAO is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) with a focus on improving human health outcomes. The DAO intends to use its community and open-source technology to accelerate clinical research and precision medicine by harnessing available data, analyzing it, and potentially developing precision health care solutions.

According to the companyโ€™s litepaper, a briefer version of a whitepaper, the DAO originated from the idea that there is a significant amount of data available today and that this is only continuing to grow. This includes health data stemming from the expansion of the health technology market, which is expected to have an annual growth rate of 11.94%.

With over 350,000 health developers on the market, increasing amounts of data, specifically health and lifestyle data, is being generated at an unprecedented rate. CureDAO believes that this can be analyzed and used to deliver insights into human health, specifically, various factors that may impact it, such as food, medications, lifestyle choices, and supplements.

However, to do so requires a platform, as data is scattered across various dashboards and other sources. Reducing the duplication of effort, which the DAO estimates at a cost of $157 billion, might drive forward progress as a whole.

CureDAOโ€™s concept is closely tied with the evolving field of personalized medicine, which has an estimated value of 2.77 billion in 2022. Personalized medicine aims to drive forward healthcare with more precise treatment solutions that take into account an individual rather than a generalized demographic. It’s also influenced by open-source technology that allows multiple users to benefit from a technology while contributing to wider platforms.

What is CureDAO’s mission?

Collaboration is at the core of CureDAO’s mission, and this is reflected in the organization’s choice to become a DAO. VitaDAO, another DeSci DAO, aims to finance early-stage longevity research, while LabDAO looks at developing collaboration between researchers across the globe to trade skills, knowledge, and results. These are but a few of the organizations that form the DeSci arena.

This connects with CureDAO’s mission of “Our hypothesis (and dream) is that this new system can accelerate the rate of clinical discovery 350,000 times, and create a world where suffering is optional.” This is the motivational statement that drove the formation of the DAO in its early stages.

How does CureDAO work?

CureDAO is intended to be a democratized platform supporting clinical research. By developing an open-source infrastructure, including a tool set and no-code platform, it aims to collaborate with 75+ various partners and counting, along with health data businesses such as health apps, to share, manage, and analyze this data.

Still in its infancy, the DAO is currently developing its token-based reward system and exploring the most effective ways to encourage people to participate. For example, this may include โ€˜questsโ€™ and โ€˜experiments,โ€™ potentially forming part of a gamified approach.

CureDAOโ€™s platform aims to take a comprehensive approach to finding a solution. Not only does the platform plan to aggregate, manage, process and store data, the DAO’s ecosystem is designed to support this purpose. It includes incentives and collaboration between individuals, private and public organizations, along with an in-depth tokenomics system, a legal framework, and a focus on privacy, due to the sensitive nature of user health data.

Whatโ€™s next for CureDAO?

The DAO is currently in its application pilot stage, following on from its MVP and integration stages. According to its litepaper, the DAO is in the process of opening a shared database for research access, trialing a proprietary royalty payback system, and improving its algorithm.

As the DAO moves to the next stage in early 2023, it plans to develop marketplace plugins, build hosted SaaS for profit, and promote its case more widely, helping to raise awareness of the DAO’s work.


CureDAO is an emerging decentralized autonomous organization that seeks to better utilize the abundance of available health data derived from various sources in order to gain insights into human health with which to develop therapies and treatments. The DAO is part of the expanding DeSci sector, which aims to work at the cross-section between technology and health care for better human health outcomes.

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Maria Isabella

Maria Isabella

Maria is a writer and editor with a passion for technology, health, and lifelong learning. With over 6 years of experience in content creation for the fintech and wellness industries, and 10 years in the non-profit sector, as well as a Masters of Science in Development Management, she is passionate about combining tech and healthcare to make the world a better place.