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Eric Leire, M.D.

About Eric Leire, M.D.

Dr. Eric Leire, MD, MBA, CEO & Founder of GenFlow Biosciences has a solid background in biotechnology and gene therapy through his experience in the pharmaceutical industry (Pfizer, Schering Plough, Pharmacia), biotechnology industry (CEO of several private and public biotech companies such as APT Therapeutics, Paringenix, Dandrit Biotech, Enochian), academia (Research Associate at the Harvard AIDS Institute) and Private Equity (partner at Biofund Venture Capital). He is the inventor of several patents. He also serves on the board of several biotechnology companies (such as Immunethep, BSIM, ...).Β  Furthermore, Eric has been CEO of several gene and cell therapy companies such as Enochian Biosciences (Nasdaq: ENOB) and DanDrit Biotechnologies (OTC.QB: DDRT).Β  He holds an MD from Grenoble University and an MBA from HEC, Paris and Kellogg, Northwestern University.

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