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We Celebrate Our Seventh Birthday!

Seven years ago today, we founded our organization to promote healthy life extension.

Birthday cakeBirthday cake

Today, we celebrate our seventh birthday. On this very day, seven years ago, a group of healthy life extensionists decided to put their skin in the game and applied to officially register our organization with the purpose of promoting aging research.

The initial founders – Keith Comito, Oliver Medvedik, Richard Kaufman, and Apneet Jolly – worked hard to help us grow to our current size of 20 people. Our amazing team members provide coverage of aging research, conduct interviews with renowned scientists and public health advocates, speak at conferences, create educational videos, and collaborate with external partners to accelerate the development of rejuvenation biotechnology. Together, we pave the way for equal public access to such interventions so that people can benefit from progress in longevity science.

We are doing this because we believe that age-related diseases must become a thing of the past. Targeting aging with innovative interventions can bring us healthy and vigorous longevity, and the sooner these new therapies arrive, the better.

Our first step is to let the public know of the revolution in aging research that is happening in labs all over the globe. We are doing a good job so far with over 14 million people reached by our messages, but we can do even more with your support.

Please consider donating a birthday gift to and becoming one of the Lifespan Heroes! Help us hit our fundraising goal of $10,000 per month in recurring donations and expand our education and advocacy initiatives!

Donate now!

If you’d like to set up a call to discuss our work before donating, you are welcome to contact us.

We would like to ask you a small favor. We are a non-profit foundation, and unlike some other organizations, we have no shareholders and no products to sell you. We are committed to responsible journalism, free from commercial or political influence, that allows you to make informed decisions about your future health.

All our news and educational content is free for everyone to read, but it does mean that we rely on the help of people like you. Every contribution, no matter if it’s big or small, supports independent journalism and sustains our future. You can support us by making a donation or in other ways at no cost to you.

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