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STSTW Rejuvenate Mice
We continue discussing cellular reprogramming on Science to Save the World, our general science show. In Part 2, we discuss a mouse experiment that used the OSKM reprogramming factors. Script Could we "reprogram" old cells to make them young again inside living animals? In part 1, we covered the origins of using four genes referred...
LSN Unlimited Lifespan
On this hopeful episode of Lifespan News, Ryan O'Shea discusses the odds of any individual living to 130, even in the absence of rejuvenation biotechnology. Script Could humans live forever? It’s theoretically possible, according to a new study published in the Royal Society Open Science journal. Debate has raged in the scientific community about whether...
This episode of Lifespan News focuses on a cryptocurrency that is geared towards developing a better future for humanity by financing pro-transhuman initiatives. Script They say money can't buy happiness, but what if we could spend our way to solving the problem of aging? The creators of a new cryptocurrency, which dedicates a portion of...
Maximon logo
The venture capitalist firm Maximon has announced a new longevity-focused fund that focuses on financing early-stage biotechnology companies that increase human healthspan. The firm intends to invest 100 million Swiss francs into such companies. The full press release is presented below. Maximon has launched its 100 million Longevity Co-Investment Fund The Longevity Co-Investment Fund finances...
Higher Education
Well-known longevist Alex Zhavoronkov has launched a Longevity Medicine Course alongside other experts in order to teach healthcare professionals in the United Kingdom about rejuvenation biotechnology and the current state of interventions for increasing healthspan and lifespan. This course focuses on multiple topics, ranging from biological aging clocks and AI to case data and best...
Kris Verburgh
At Ending Age-Related Diseases 2021, Kris Verburgh of NOVOS explained what goes into NOVOS nutraceuticals and his company's philosophy towards their development. Script Hello, ladies and gentlemen, my name is Kris Verburgh. I'm a medical doctor, scientist, and co-founder of NOVOS. NOVOS is a company that provides solutions to live longer, healthier lives. During this...