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Journal Club
Journal Club returns on July 27th at noon Eastern / 17:00 UK live on our Facebook page. A new way to look at Alzheimer's The topic for this month will be a new study that challenges the amyloid hypothesis of Alzheimer's disease with new human data. The data suggests that the cognitive impairment that accompanies...
STSTW Dreams
On this episode of Science to Save the World,'s general science show, we discuss what we can learn and how we can benefit from understanding our microbiomes as part of ourselves. Script There are many theories as to why we dream, but ultimately dreaming remains a mystery in neuroscience. Many theories treat dreaming as...
X10 Microbiome
On this episode of X10, we talk about the how the gut microbiome is connected with aging and the role of gut bacteria in the immune response. Script You've probably heard about the gut microbiome, the community of countless microbes living in your intestines, as it's been a hot topic for several years. There's regular...
LSN Pulse Chain
This week on Lifespan News, Brent Nally discusses Pulse Chain, a blockchain-based cryptocurrency that is being used to donate to SENS Research Foundation. Further Reading PulseChain Airdrop Raises $20m for SENS Script The most frustrating thing about bio rejuvenation research in 2021 for me is that thought leaders like biogerontologist Dr. Aubrey de Grey have...
X10 Damaged Genes
On this episode of X10, we talk about the different ways in which DNA is damaged, how our bodies naturally repair it, and how we might be able to help this repair along. Script In our video about genomic instability as a hallmark of aging, we said that DNA repair mechanisms deserve a video of...
X10 Reproductive Clock
On this episode of X10, we talk about why fertility declines with age and what we can do about it. Script How come women can't have children after a certain age, and what can we do about it? Actually, that brings up another question: is it true that the odds get worse each year, or...