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Tag: Forever Healthy Foundation

March 18, 2021
Whenever the topic of any possible increased healthy longevity through science is discussed, a common objection to developing the technology is that it is unnatural. This argument usually arises during discussions of therapies that directly address the various processes of aging, and it is important to understand their basis and the reasons behind this line of thought. The...
March 17, 2021
Everlasting boredom is a common concern when it comes to the idea of extended human lifespans. There are many who expect life to become empty and meaningless with time because everything has been already experienced; there is nothing else to discover, nothing else can surprise or please. This idea has become so ingrained in our...
Press the reset button
March 08, 2021
Today, we chronicle the progress of partial cellular reprogramming and discuss how this powerful treatment may be able to reprogram cells back into a youthful state, at least partially reversing epigenetic alterations, one of the proposed reasons we age. For those of you new to the subject of epigenetic alterations you can learn more by...
David Gobel at EARD2020
March 05, 2021
In his presentation at Ending Age-Related Diseases 2020, David Gobel of the Methuselah Foundation discusses current innovations in a historical context. He discusses a past without drug or food regulation, and brings up the Poison Squad, a group of people who self-experimented in order to determine what substances were and were not toxic. He then...
Elderly couple
March 04, 2021
A professor at the University of Southern California has proposed that longevity researchers expand their toolkit to include social hallmarks of aging [1]. This paper is one of a trio that offer a fresh perspective on geroscience by trying to integrate findings from a biological approach into the complex dynamics of humans as social animals....
Elastrin logo
March 04, 2021
Rejuvenation biotechnology startup founder Kizoo has provided Elastrin, a company that focuses on removing calcification from tissue, with seed funding. The company Elastrin is named for elastin, which comprises the fibers affected by this calcification. The company is using a proprietary antibody to deliver a nanoparticle-encased therapeutic agent directly to the fibers in question. The...