New Partnership Between Forever Healthy and Buck Institute

This partnership intends to fund early-stage research in order to bring it to the clinic more quickly.


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Yet another group has formed to advance early-stage biotechnology research. This time, the Forever Healthy Foundation, founded by Michael Greve, has formed a $5 million partnership with the Buck Institute in order to fund rejuvenation biotechnology.
The full press release is included here.

Forever Healthy and Buck Institute announce partnership to advance translational research in human rejuvenation

Michael Greve’s Forever Healthy Foundation commits $5 million to fund breakthrough science with strong potential for startup creation at the Buck —

Karlsruhe, Germany and Novato, CA, USA – December 15, 2021 – The Forever Healthy Foundation and the Buck Institute for Research on Aging today announced a new partnership to advance early-stage discoveries at the Institute that show promise to reverse physiologic aging in humans. The focus will be on cutting-edge research aimed at the repair of age-related damage at the cellular and molecular level, a hallmark of the aging process. Forever Healthy will commit up to $1 million per year for five years to drive this innovation. The funding aims to advance early-stage research with high translational potential in order to speed up the transition from lab to product.

German entrepreneur and longevity pioneer Michael Greve founded his humanitarian Forever Healthy initiative with the mission of accelerating the development of therapies to impede the aging process and the diseases that accompany it. This mission is in perfect alignment with the Buck Institute, the first independent biomedical facility in the world focused solely on the biology of aging.

Greve first established a relationship with Buck science in 2016 when he supported research in the labs of Judith Campisi, Ph.D., one of the leading global figures in the study of cellular senescence, and Julie Andersen, Ph.D., a prominent researcher working to find new therapeutic interventions for neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. “I am really impressed with Buck science,” said Greve, “and view this enhanced partnership as the next step in translating research on aging into preventative therapies for people everywhere.”

“We are most appreciative of Michael’s generosity and vision,” said Eric Verdin, MD, President, and CEO of the Buck Institute. “It is an incredible and exciting time for our field, and we are delighted to be working with Forever Healthy as we move toward translational research.”

About Forever Healthy

Forever Healthy is Michael Greve’s humanitarian initiative with the mission of enabling people to vastly extend their healthy lifespan. Forever Healthy’s projects include evaluation of new rejuvenation therapies, evidenced-based curation of the world’s cutting-edge medical knowledge, funding translational research on the root causes of aging, and hosting the annual Undoing Aging Conference. Greve’s venture capital firm, Kizoo, which provides mentoring, seed and follow-on financing for rejuvenation biotech startups, is also part of the initiative. So far, Kizoo has funded fourteen startups turning research on the root causes of aging into therapies for human application.

Learn more at: https://www.forever-healthy.org

About the Buck Institute

Our success will ultimately change healthcare. At the Buck, we aim to end the threat of age-related diseases for this and future generations by bringing together the most capable and passionate scientists from a broad range of disciplines to identify and impede the ways in which we age. An independent, nonprofit institution, our goal is to increase human healthspan or the healthy years of life. Globally recognized as the pioneer and leader in efforts to target aging, the number one risk factor serious diseases including Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, cancer, macular degeneration, heart disease, and diabetes, the Buck wants to help people live better longer.

Learn more at: https://buckinstitute.org

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