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MMTP May 23rd 2016

Announcing A New Goal Structure

Hi, everyone! So far, we have raised almost $22,000, which is an amazing effort from the community, and as many people are asking for a more detailed budget, we are going to provide more information and accordingly revise the goal structure of the campaign a bit.

A total of $45,000 is enough funding to run two mouse groups (a control group and a test group) and enough to allow us to begin useful and meaningful research. With two test groups, we will have enough to begin testing combinations of our three senolytic compounds (Quercetin, Dasatinib and Venetoclax) and compare our results against the untreated control group. If we observe an increase in lifespan in the test group versus the control group, we will know that the therapy works.

We are therefore moving the immediate goal to raising $45,000 in order to begin this critical work as soon as possible. Note that as our campaign is Flexible Funding, this change in no way affects how payments work for donations already contributed to the campaign.

The $60,000 goal will now reflect the addition of a positive control group as a stretch goal. A positive control group such as this receives a treatment with a known response so that this positive response can be compared to the unknown response of the treatment. This helps to improve the quality of the data gathered during an experiment, but it is not always included in exploratory studies such as this. We plan to use caloric restriction as our positive control group, which involves a modest reduction of calorie intake and is well documented as predictably increasing lifespan in mice and other animals.

Thank you

The MMTP Team

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