Maximon Launches Longevity Co-Investment Fund

This investment firm intends to bridge the gap between research and business.


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The venture capitalist firm Maximon has announced a new longevity-focused fund that focuses on financing early-stage biotechnology companies that increase human healthspan. The firm intends to invest 100 million Swiss francs into such companies.

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Maximon has launched its 100 million Longevity Co-Investment Fund

The Longevity Co-Investment Fund finances longevity-focussed start-up companies launched by Swiss company-builder Maximon. The Fund’s first investments include longevity supplement company AVEA and longevity advisory and big data company Biolytica.

07.10.2021 – Zug, Switzerland: Maximon is pleased to announce the launch of its Longevity Co-Investment Fund (LCIF), which already had its first closing in the founder’s share class at CHF 6 million. The Fund invests in venture companies founded by Maximon, the Swiss longevity company builder, which are promoting longevity and healthy aging with supporting research in esteemed universities as well as with their products and services or which support an active and healthy aging in society. Longevity is the science of anti-aging research and rejuvenation and has experienced an unprecedented advancement over recent years, particularly with the discovery that the rate of aging is controlled and can be modulated, at least to some extent, by genetic pathways and biochemical processes. Longevity identifies both lifestyle and pharmaceutical targets to improve the human health-span (i.e. the time we can live without negative impacts from aging).

Dr. Tobias Reichmuth, Founding Partner at Maximon, states: “Longevity is the new big investment opportunity. There is simply nobody who wouldn’t want to age in good health. Need I say more?”. Maximon Founding Partner Marc P. Bernegger adds: “The recent progress in extending and enforcing a healthy lifespan is very impressive and creates unique and massive investment opportunities. We already have substantial subscription requests for the fund’s next closing”.


Eterna is a clothing company with a focus on longevity.

The Longevity Co-Investment Fund (LCIF) invests up to CHF 10 million per company, which allows to finance up to 10-12 start-ups in this fast growing industry over the next four years. The LCIF will remain open for investors for the next 18+ months.

About Maximon:

Maximon empowers entrepreneurs to build impactful, science-based and scalable companies providing healthy aging and rejuvenation solutions. As a company builder, Maximon identifies the most promising business opportunities in the field of longevity and operationally works with entrepreneurs to build longevity ventures from scratch by providing proven structures, financing, and a unique and inspiring playground for entrepreneurs. The Maximon Team is responsible for 2 IPOs, various double and triple digit exits, and has raised more than CHF 2bn investment capital. Maximon has formed a venture building process that bridges the gap between science and business.


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