An Opportunity to Support Aging Research with Gitcoin

This blockchain initiative is for two Lifespan.io projects.


Gitcoin FundingGitcoin Funding

We have two scientific research projects in the new Gitcoin fundraising round. Help us to combat Alzheimer’s disease or improve how clinical trials are conducted today!

An alternative way to fund science

Gitcoin is a decentralized science (DeSci) platform that utilizes blockchain technology to support the development of open-source projects using Web3 technologies, with the purpose of providing resources to projects that will improve the public good.

The DeSci movement describes a collective of individuals from scientific, independent, building, developing, activist, and organizing backgrounds that collaborate to construct support systems and push for distributed governance to advance scientific discovery.

Lifespan.io is thrilled to participate in this round of funding, and we have two proposals in the current round, demonstrating our dedication to advancing progress in the aging field.

Lifespan.io is developing a therapy for Alzheimer’s

The first of these is the Mindset project, a project to create a light and sound headset that may address Alzheimer’s disease.

Through the generous contributions of approximately $17,000 from previous Gitcoin funding rounds, we have been able to construct an initial hardware and software system. Early tests reveal that it can influence the brain with the light and audio stimulation it produces.

Our system has, so far, generated preclinical data that suggests that neural entrainment, which is when brain activity responds and adjusts to a pattern of external signals such as audio or visual elements, works on humans.

We began the process of developing the Mindset system based on the idea that utilizing entrainment therapy may help reduce the loss of critical connections in the brain, increase cognitive capability, and alleviate the symptoms that typically accompany Alzhemeir’s disease.

This new funding round will help us reach our $50,000 goal, when we will be able to buy the equipment needed to build a cost-effective production prototype. Once we have that, we can then move forward and produce a low cost headset at scale to benefit the greatest number of people possible.

Web3 crowdsourced clinical trials

The second project is the Lifespan.io Web3 program, which has the goal of improving how aging research and clinical trials are funded.

Your contribution can enable us to develop a novel blockchain-based crowdfunding platform. This could provide additional resources for ambitious projects, such as creating treatments to reduce or even reverse the effects of aging.

Existing forms of financing, like grants, have intense competition and are likely to be conservatively invested, so the innovative studies that we are attempting may not receive the money they need. Your assistance can help us create an alternative approach to financing daring, revolutionary initiatives that could be highly impactful.

Need help donating to these projects?

If you are new to the technology, we have made a step-by-step guide on how to donate.

  • Get a MetaMask wallet.
  • Acquire $100 (or whatever amount you want) worth of ETH via Coinbase or other methods.
  • Send this ETH to your MetaMask from Coinbase (or wherever): this could incur a significant gas fee.

Once you have done that, this video (at 4 minutes, 20 seconds) will show you the steps you need to take to donate and ensure that your donation benefits from the matching fund.

Donate today, and help us to make age-related diseases a thing of the past!

We would like to ask you a small favor. We are a non-profit foundation, and unlike some other organizations, we have no shareholders and no products to sell you. We are committed to responsible journalism, free from commercial or political influence, that allows you to make informed decisions about your future health.

All our news and educational content is free for everyone to read, but it does mean that we rely on the help of people like you. Every contribution, no matter if it’s big or small, supports independent journalism and sustains our future. You can support us by making a donation or in other ways at no cost to you.

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  1. michael flynn
    April 30, 2023

    How is your Mindset project different from the MIT 40 Hz project that reported this therapy as an initial success?

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