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Tag: DeSci

Worldwide finance
  With news of H.E. Justin Sun’s plans to invest $51K into the Longevity Prize, a fund seeking to stimulate innovative research proposals, it appears that there is a marked interest within the crypto and tech communities in longevity science. Sun’s donation comes after Vitalik Buterin’s contribution of $130K and Stefan George’s $6.5K to the...
Longevity Summit Dublin
It was all about collaboration: maybe not a lot of shiny new discoveries and unpublished data, but Longevity Summit Dublin 2022 brought together researchers, investors, and advocates to forge a common vision. More attention is being brought to the last category, as evidenced by our own executive director, Stephanie Dainow, receiving the Rising Star 2022...
DeSci Berlin
The future of research funding is changing, and DeSci is set to play a key role in that. Focusing on how science will change in the future, the DeSci.Berlin event will happen on May 23 and 24. Visit the VitaDAO website to learn how you can get involved. Researchers, investors, and entrepreneurs are using blockchain...