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Introducing Science to Save the World

Science to Save the World is a video series that takes its name literally by asking a question about how science or a particular technology can help save the world. In each episode we examine a particular problem to see if there’s a solution and look at ways to make the world better. Each episode offers a direct way to interact and actually do something as a viewer.

This project is part of our overarching strategy to engage new audiences about the positives of science in general, and reach to outside the echo chamber. We have launched the Science to Save the World project, where we will produce and publish short films about the wider scientific world. Many of these films will be in some way related or applicable to our mission of ending age-related diseases and the societal changes that it will no doubt bring.

Why we created this channel

The new channel and its films can help to introduce that new audience to aging research as part of its broader scope of science coverage, feeding back into our other channels and building greater support for the field. Tim Maupin, our resident filmmaker, had this to say about the project.

As a filmmaker, this series is a confluence of many of my interests and allows me to do something for the greater good. Science has brought us many amazing things, but there’s still much work to do — and, in some cases, the clock may be ticking. I’m so excited to have this opportunity to help illustrate various topics and connect organizations trying to make a difference. I greatly look forward to growing it further into something beautiful, impactful, and hopefully transforming for viewers. – Tim Maupin

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