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Polina Mamoshina, Ph.D.

About Polina Mamoshina, Ph.D.

Polina Mamoshina is a Head of Biomarker Development at Insilico Medicine Hong Kong Ltd, a Hong Kong-based bioinformatics and deep learning company focused on reinventing drug discovery and biomarker development and a part of the cardiovascular science team of Oxford University Computer Science Department. Insilico Medicine headquartered at the Hong Kong Science Park. The company is focusing on applying deep learning and advanced signalling pathway activation analysis to biomarker discovery, drug discovery and drug repurposing for ageing and age-related diseases. Her primary research interests include artificial intelligence, deep learning, biomarkers of ageing and disease and drug responses, healthcare data management, healthcare data economy. Polina graduated from the Department of Genetics of the Moscow State University. She was one of the winners of GeneHack a Russian nationwide 48-hour hackathon on bioinformatics at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology attended by hundreds of young bioinformaticians. Polina is involved in multiple deep learning projects at the Pharmaceutical Artificial Intelligence division of Insilico Medicine working on the drug discovery engine and developing biochemistry, transcriptome, and cell-free nucleic acid-based biomarkers of ageing and disease.

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