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Joshua Mitteldorf, Ph.D.

About Joshua Mitteldorf, Ph.D.

Joshua Mitteldorf studies aging from an evolutionary perspective, using computer modeling and statistics. His book, with Dorion Sagan, Cracking the Aging Code, (2016) from Flatiorn/Macmillan lays out evidence that aging has evolved as a compromise between fitness of the individual and stability of the ecosystem. He has gone on to explore the surprising implications for medical research and anti-aging practice. He comments on news in the science of aging at and offers a personal anti-aging program at His political writings are featured at, while his poetry, essays and aphorisms appear at Mitteldorf’s current project is a large-scale study using an epigenetic clock to evaluate a broad range of anti-aging interventions in current use, and their mutual interactions. The study of aging is a second career for Mitteldorf. His original training was in astrophysics.

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