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Zuzalu: The Experimental Pop-Up City With a Longevity Focus

This is a long-term Desci event with a longevity focus.


The decentralized autonomous organization VitaDAO is supporting longevity realated initiatives at Zuzalu, a pop-up mini-city event in Montenegro, which aims to create a unique jurisdiction for medical innovation within a more effective regulatory framework.

A platform for longevity events and workshops

VitaDAO is hosting unique, longevity-oriented events and workshops in Zuzalu which are designed to accommodate 200-300 longevity enthusiasts.

While establishing industry connections, participants will be coming together to explore the possibility of deepening the ecosystem surrounding longevity and solidifying its regulatory structure. There are also health-improving activities available during this long-term eventโ€™s health track.

Held between March and May 2023, the mini-city experiment is hosting several workshops and events. The topics will include cryptography, synthetic biology, the concepts of pop-up cities and digital tribes, and multiple facets of the DAO ecosystem and longevity.

Participants have the opportunity to learn about longevity innovations, take part in workshops and initiatives to improve their own longevity, engage in the latest discourse in biotech, and engage in the conference’s primary topic of a new jurisdiction and regulatory framework for longevity.

In addition, the eventโ€™s health track takes a holistic approach to health, allowing participants to check their biomarkers while exploring diets and exercise routines designed to help improve health.

The mini-city experiment was created by Vitalik Buterin, founder of Ethereum and an avid supporter of aging and rejuvenation research. The event is being attended by some of the industryโ€™s most well-known figures, such as Aubrey de Grey, President and CSO of the LEV Foundation; Joe Betts-LaCroix, CEO of Retro Biosciences; Nathan S. Cheng of Healthspan Capital; Laurence Ion and Tyler Golato of VitaDAO; and Stephanie Dainow, Lifespan.ioโ€™s Executive Director, among many other noteworthy industry names.

Personal connections to decentralized ideas

Driving deeper connections and establishing an environment of learning is at the heart of this pioneering event. The Zuzalu mini-city is meant to be a holistic experience that creates an atmosphere in tune with longevity. Participants have the opportunity to discuss lifespan-related topics and can dive deeper into the ecosystem with health programs, community activities, workshops and hackathons, immersing themselves in the experience. A step away from VitaDAOโ€™s virtual decentralized format, Zuzalu intends to capitalize on human connections over the two months of its existence.

Apply to visit the main Longevity Biotech Conference at Zuzalu in May.

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