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Tag: Liver

Mouse Tumor
Scientists have shown that partial cellular reprogramming can significantly increase the already impressive regenerative capacity of the liver and protect this crucial organ from a potentially lethal injury [1]. Why can't we regrow limbs? Cellular reprogramming induces de-differentiation of somatic cells back into pluripotent stem cells: a 'factory reset' that erases cell-specific software and hence...
Nanoparticles in blood
New research in the journal ACS Nano describes a method to improve the efficiency of NMN and metformin in the liver by using a novel nanoparticle delivery method. Nanotechnology in drug delivery  Nanotechnology is a broad field that utilizes the unique properties of extraordinarily small materials. In medicine, it has been applied in drug delivery...
The human liver with bubbles
A new scaffold for liver regeneration has been characterized and published in the International Journal of Biological Macromolecules this week. LiverThe liver is an indispensable organ located in the upper right abdominal cavity. It may be the most complex organ in its function, playing an important role in the body’s metabolism, particularly in proteostasis. The...