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Tag: Fasting

Fasting clock
A recent study in Clinical and Translational Medicine followed people who went 5 days without eating and found improvements both immediately afterwards and up to 98 days later. Fasting for longevity Fasting is a practice in which an individual abstains from food and calories for a given length of time. There have been many preclinical...
Time restricted eating
Scientists have shown in mice that long-term caloric restriction can attenuate age-related immunosenescence on par with antibody-mediated clearance of senescent T-cells. On top of that, caloric restriction predictably improved glucose tolerance and lowered inflammation [1]. Senescent cells: inflamed and half-dead Immunosenescence is an umbrella term for a variety of largely detrimental changes that our immune...
Ramadan is a time of fasting.
Intermittent fasting changes the composition of the gut microbiome, according to new research [1]. An increase in the abundance of a group of bacteria known as Lachnospiraceae may explain some of the health benefits linked with dietary restriction. A natural experiment Intermittent fasting—the repeated, severe restriction of food intake—is an extremely reliable method of extending...
Smell of Food
Experiments by researchers in China and the US have shown that the smell of food is enough to reduce the lifespan gains caused by dietary restriction in nematodes. By unraveling the genetic and neurological network behind this, the team found evidence that the same might hold true in mammals. Dietary restriction is more than a...
The Sheekey Science Show's Youtube image on fasting
n this video, the Sheekey Science Show discusses the different types of fasting (periodic and intermittent) and how they relate to aging, including their beneficial effects on metabolism and stem cells, along with the concept of refeeding. Supplements that serve as caloric restriction mimetics, which replicate some of the effects of fasting, are also explored.
Time-restricted fasting
Intermittent fasting is a common topic in the longevity community, and a new study suggests that there could be some benefits from adopting this lifestyle. A new study published in the Journal of Proteomics builds on previous studies and suggests that intermittent fasting has a host of benefits in humans, not just mice. This study...