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Category: Longevity Literacy Project

93% of the world's money is now digital, held in virtual ledgers across banks and other financial institutions. With the increasing digitalization of financial services, there is no doubt that we are heading for a cashless future; the only question is what that future will look like. The next step appears to be decentralization. In...
Gitcoin GR12 funding round for longevity.
In recent years, the cryptocurrency community has become increasingly interested in the drive to increase healthy human lifespans. Visit the VitaDAO website to learn how you can get involved. Gitcoin introduces longevity research into its funding rounds  Gitcoin recently held its 12th funding round, and the community has chosen to raise cryptocurrency donations for aging...
Gitcoin is a platform dedicated to supporting the development of open-source Web3 software - decentralized architecture based upon blockchain technology - and the funding of  "public goods" projects that are intended to benefit everyone. Of course, one such public good is the extension of healthy human lifespan, and accordingly, in its 12th funding round, the...