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EARD 2020 Virtual

Celebrating Our Third Conference

We brought together the best aging researchers and biotech investors for two amazing days of science and business.

Supporting Aging Research!

August 20-21 2020 saw the successful launch of Ending Age-Related Diseases 2020, the third annual conference hosted by This year was a considerable change of gear for us as originally we had planned to hold the conference at Mount Sinai Hospital, New York City but the COVID-19 pandemic caused us to switch to an online format, a real first for We are delighted to report that the move to a virtual conference was a huge success and what followed were two fantastic days of the latest aging research combined with the best in investment guidance.

Now the conference is over, we will be uploading all the talks, panels, and on demand content that was available on the conference platform over to an early access area of the website that will be accessible to paid ticket holders who attended the conference, we will be contacting you with access details shortly. We will also be publically releasing this content after three months and the videos will appear here alongside the videos already available now.

EARD2020 Conference Videos

Keith Comito — The Time for the Longevity Dividend is Now

Dr. Aubrey de Grey — Maximising the Pace of Biomedical Gerontology in a Pandemic-Conscious World

Dr. Kelsey Moody — Developing a Biotechnology Startup in the Rejuvenation Field

Dr. Brian Kennedy — Preventive Medicine in an Aging Society

Sergey Young — Why Longevity Is the Next Trillion Dollar Opportunity

Discussion Panel — Public Perception of Research on Aging

Michael Greve — EARD 2020 Interview

David Wood — EARD 2020 Interview

Mair Underwood — Public Perception of Life Extension

Stanislav Skakun — Quantified Self

Javier Noris — Longevity Impact Fund

Panel — Biomarkers of Aging

Keith Comito Interviews Ronald Kohanski on the NIA’s Systemic Approach to Healthy Life Extension

Book of Abstracts

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