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Backer Rewards

Although furthering longevity research is a reward unto itself, it is also a great idea to provide other tangible rewards to project contributors to show your appreciation. It might not be clear to you what rewards apply to a research project, but there are actually a number of great options to consider β€” here are just a few:



List supporting contributors on your website or blog.


Early Data Access:

Share experimental protocol with contributors and / or share gathered data as the project develops.



Dinner with the researchers, lab tour, or a training course relevant to your research.


Research Souvenir:

Can an object used in your research safely be turned into a souvenir or art piece for contributors to enjoy?


Formal Acknowledgement:

Acknowledge outstanding contributors in academic papers resulting from your work.



Collaborate with contributors in some aspect of your research if applicable and/or offer opportunities to participate in the experimental design of your next project.