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Josh Conway

Josh Conway

About Josh Conway

Josh is a professional editor and is responsible for editing our articles before they become available to the public as well as moderating our Discord server. He is also a programmer, long-time supporter of anti-aging medicine, and avid player of the strange game called “real life.” Living in the center of the northern prairie, Josh enjoys long bike rides before the blizzards hit.

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August 06, 2020
A new study published in Cell Stem Cell has shown how astrocytes, glial cells that perform multiple critical functions in the brain, can become neural stem cells (NSCs) in response to injury. Astrocytes' normal functions The term 'astrocyte', meaning star-shaped cell, refers to a very heterogenous population of cells that perform maintenance, management and constructive...
July 16, 2020
A new perspective published in Cell explains a direct link between genomic instability, one of the primary hallmarks of aging, and age-related diseases. Somatic mutations Mutation is normally explained as the driving force behind evolution, as changes in the germ lines of organisms result in beneficial and harmful mutations to organisms. The organisms with the...
June 24, 2020
In a recent study, researchers from the Buck Institute have shown that cellular senescence, one of the hallmarks of aging, is partially responsible for Alzheimer's disease. Cellular senescence As you age, increasing numbers of your cells enter into a state known as senescence. Senescent cells do not divide or support the tissues of which they...
June 11, 2020
Researchers have discovered that a lack of NAD+ is responsible for mitochondrial dysfunction in egg cells (oocytes), leading to decreased fertility with age. Mitochondria in oocytes Given how much it must divide to create a human being, the oocyte is the largest cell in the human body, and it contains far more mitochondria than any...
May 28, 2020
Researchers from the Laboratory for Cell Function Dynamics in Japan have developed a new method for detecting mitophagy, the process of recycling damaged mitochondria. The Necessity of Mitophagy Our mitochondria are the powerhouses of our cells, turning the food we eat into ATP, the form of chemical energy that our cells use. However, over time,...
May 14, 2020
A recent study published in Cell Metabolism has shown that metformin, a drug that has been previously shown to be effective against some aspects of aging, ameliorates inflammaging by promoting autophagy, the cellular recycling of damaged components. Mitochondrial dysfunction, autophagy, and TH17 Mitochondrial dysfunction is one of the hallmarks of aging, the root causes that...