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Josh Conway

Josh Conway

About Josh Conway

Josh is a professional editor and is responsible for editing our articles before they become available to the public as well as moderating our Discord server. He is also a programmer, long-time supporter of anti-aging medicine, and avid player of the strange game called “real life.” Living in the center of the northern prairie, Josh enjoys long bike rides before the blizzards hit.

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Near IR
In Nature Biomedical Engineering, a team of researchers has published an innovative method of making tau tangles and amyloid beta visible in the near infrared, allowing doctors and researchers to see through bone with relatively simple equipment. Current methods are difficult There are three main approaches to diagnosing Alzheimer's and other brain disorders in living...
Research published in Nature Aging has shown that a photosensitive senolytic drug can be used to selectively remove senescent cells, slowing functional organ aging in mice. A problem of delivery What Are Senolytics? Senotherapeutics for Senescent CellsSenolytics work by targeting one of several pro-survival pathways that senescent cells use to evade apoptosis and cling onto...
Heart attack
Research published in Cell Stem Cell has described how previously unmodified animals have been given regenerative abilities akin to those of zebrafish, restoring their heart muscle after injury. A TREE of life This study is introduced with a discussion of gene therapy as a field, noting clinical approval for gene therapies against multiple genetic diseases...
A new publication in Nature Aging has explained a great deal about aging of the neurovascular system, showing where and how the brain's blood supply changes with aging in a mouse model. A branching network of blood vessels In the neurovascular system, arteries lead to arterioles, which then branch off into precapillary sphincters. These lead...
Multiple myeloma
The results of a Phase 1 clinical trial of allogeneic CAR T cell therapy against multiple myeloma have been published today in Nature Medicine, and they appear to be promising. B cells, engineered T cells, and lymphodepletion Multiple myeloma is a cancer of the plasma B cells, which are formed in the blood marrow and...
Ischemic stroke
Researchers publishing in Aging have found that there is a correlation between the APOE4 gene and poor outcomes after ischemic stroke. An allele with a long and sordid history The Relationship Between ApoE and Alzheimer'sAlzheimer's disease is the most typical form of dementia. It is a progressive disease that begins with mild memory loss, leads...