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Josh Conway

About Josh Conway

Josh is a professional editor and is responsible for editing our articles before they become available to the public as well as moderating our Discord server. He is also a programmer, long-time supporter of anti-aging medicine, and avid player of the strange game called “real life.” Living in the center of the northern prairie, Josh enjoys long bike rides before the blizzards hit.

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Gene pill
In a study printed in PNAS, researchers have shown that telomerase reverse transcriptase (TERT) can be given to cells in living mice through a viral vector, taking the idea of life-extending gene therapies from science fiction to reality. Why a cytomegalovirus? The human cytomegalovirus (CMV) is widely known as an endemic virus that, while usually...
Mouse eating
Publishing in Microbiome, a team of researchers has ascertained multiple physical effects of aging gut flora in mice. Antibiotics and fecal transfers The researchers used three groups of mice: young (3 months), old (18 months), and aged (24 months). Young and old groups were divided into a control group, an antibiotics group, and three recipient...
Naked Mole Rat Side
A study published in Aging has shown that the skin of the naked mole rat retains nearly all of its physical and biochemical properties as these animals chronologically age, providing new insight into how and why these animals live so long. Wrinkly, but not like humans wrinkle With a wrinkly, largely hairless body, the naked...
Broken bone
A study published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation has reported that senescent cells are largely responsible for slow bone healing in aged animals and that senolytics, which remove these harmful cells, can speed bone regeneration. A brief outline of bone healing BoneBone tissue serves as the primary structural component of our bodies. It protects...
Two Directions Infinity
In a preprint published in bioRxiv, a team of Singaporean researchers, including Jan Gruber, has found that a combination of stem cell rejuvenation and senescent cell removal is synergistically more effective than either alone. Different but related aspects of aging Why we Age: Cellular SenescenceAs your body ages, more of your cells become senescent. Senescent...
Manhattan plot
Nature Communications has recently published a paper discussing the genetic sources of C-reactive protein, a well-known biomarker of chronic inflammation. What is Inflammaging? Chronic Inflammation and AgingThe aging process is accompanied by a chronic, smouldering background of inflammation that researchers call “inflammaging”.Read More An extremely broad study with a wide variety of genes Pulling genomic...