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Organization Description


IMYu is a startup biotech company developing a rejuvenation therapy based on the work of Drs. Irina and Michael Conboy from UC Berkeley. The Conboys have spent decades researching how various blood factors influence aging and by removing them, how they rejuvenate aged organs and tissue. They have demonstrated in animals that aged blood can be filtered of the pro-aging factors which cause inflammation and prevent healthy tissue regeneration and repair, leading to rejuvenation where the mice are biology younger.

The next step is to translate this to humans and they propose to use a modified version of an already FDA approved technique known as plasmapheresis to filter the blood of aged people to spur rejuvenation of organs and tissues. The filtering approach they are developing is known as next gen-apheresis.


Irina Conboy, Ph.D.

UC Berkeley Research - Assistant Professor of Bioengineering

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