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Tag: Tissue Regeneration

Heart attack
Research published in Cell Stem Cell has described how previously unmodified animals have been given regenerative abilities akin to those of zebrafish, restoring their heart muscle after injury. A TREE of life This study is introduced with a discussion of gene therapy as a field, noting clinical approval for gene therapies against multiple genetic diseases...
Back from the dead
Researchers have been able to achieve substantial recovery of cellular and organismal activity in pigs that had been dead for a full hour [1]. When is it too late? Advances in resuscitation have already moved the boundaries of life and death, making it possible to revive a person several minutes after the heart stops beating....
Skin peeling
Researchers have identified a factor present in the skin of baby mice that controls the formation of hair follicles during their early development. The factor is turned off in adult mice, but when it is turned back on, it allows them to regenerate their skin following injury without scarring, just like baby mice do. SkinSkin,...
Elderly teeth
A recent study published in Nature Communications has outlined an atlas for the various differentiated and stem cell populations found in our teeth.
New results published in the journal Biofabrication may help researchers on their quest to regenerate vascularized tissues. 
Interview with Hanadie Yousef
At the recent Longevity Therapeutics Conference in San Francisco, we had the chance to interview Hanadie Yousef, the co-founder and CEO of Juvena Therapeutics. Juvena is isolating proteins from embryonic stem cells that promote tissue regrowth. Can you describe in more detail Juvena's approach to developing protein therapeutics that promote tissue regeneration in the elderly?...