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Tag: Cardiomyocytes

Heart cells
A paper just published in Nature Aging has explained how changes to the lamina contribute to heart weakness in model organisms. A protective enclosure for genetic stability Lamin proteins enclose the nucleus in the lamina, the cellular envelope that contains and protects DNA. In progeria, a mutation of the gene that codes for the Lamin...
Human Heart
Researchers have found that the protein fortilin, which is abundant in the heart, protects it from failure by blocking apoptotic activity. This discovery opens new possibilities in treating age-related heart diseases [1]. When your heart fails you As menacing at it sounds, heart failure (HF) does not mean that your heart has completely failed, just...
Heart scaffold
A new article published by the International Journal of Molecular Sciences sheds light on the differences between the extracellular matrix (ECM) of healthy people and people in end-stage heart failure. HeartThe heart is a four-chambered organ located between our lungs. Blood is pumped by the heart through two loops, one to the lungs, oxygenating the...