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If you want to contribute to Lifespan.io and use cryptocurrency, there is a great opportunity happening right now to support our work!

Support Lifespan.io in the 2023 end of year fundraiser.

Donate to help us solve aging

We promote the advancement of medical technologies that will increase healthy human longevity. By sponsoring, democratizing, and funding aging research, combined with responsible journalism, we aim to accelerate this important goal for all humankind.

Lifespan.io is a non-profit organization, and we rely on donations to support our important work, including top-tier education and edutainment, research, crowdfunding, and responsible journalism on aging research. We are currently fundraising on Giveth as part of our Optimism Round. You can find our fundraiser over at the Lifespan.io Giveth page in the health and wellness section of this fundraising event.

Giveth is a non-profit organization that focuses on facilitating donations and fundraisers. They aim to connect donors with causes they care about and provide a platform for individuals and organizations to raise funds for various charitable projects.


Eterna is a clothing company with a focus on longevity.

Probably the best thing about donating via Giveth is that any and all donations will be matched. This means that even small donations can become even more impactful.

Your generous donations will be used to further:

  • Research: Your donations help us to develop Mindset, a headset to combat Alzheimer’s disease using light and sound.
  • Education and Edutainment: Focused on aging and rejuvenation research, lifestyle, diet, and supplements. Helping you to make informed decisions about your future health and longevity.
  • Responsible Journalism: We publish hundreds of news stories every year covering the latest breakthroughs in aging and rejuvenation research, interviews with leading researchers, decentralized science and blockchain-based technologies, and much more. With our strict code of ethics, it’s never been easier to stay informed about the field.
  • Crowdfunding and Decentralized Science: We use DeSci and other funding models to support rejuvenation research and drive progress in the field faster. DeSci aims to increase scientific funding, free knowledge from silos, and cut out profit-motivated intermediaries such as publisher conglomerates that lock scientific data behind paywalls.

Support the development of tools for public goods

Finally, check out the Lifespan.io President, Keith Comito’s fundraiser on Gitcoin. He has been very active in the blockchain/crypto community and at the forefront of developing tools for “public goods” as well as for decentralized science.

He has spent years contributing to the development of Lifespan.io, all while working a fulltime job, and for no personal gain. The tools he has created are helping to fund aging and rejuvenation research and bringing in support from the DeSci and cryptocurrency communities.

Since first joining the Gitcoin community as a cause round curator in May 2021 I’ve been able to leverage my expertise in leading grassroots movements (such as for longevity research with Lifespan.io and VitaDAO) and skills as a high-impact technology inventor to bring in many new members into the Gitcoin ecosystem, foster the creation of large-scale PR initiatives to raise awareness, and work with Gitcoin leads to create new regenerative funding models for public goods.

If you want to learn more about the public tools he is creating for the community, check out the Building in Public and Bringing Gitcoin to the Masses fundraiser.

Don’t do crypto? You can still help

We understand that not everybody has a crypto wallet or wants to get involved with cryptocurrency. But, if you would still like to help us continue our advocacy, education, and newsmaking, there are many other ways you can donate and help out.


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